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Server Management
You're being pressured by the business units of your company to optimize your information technology (IT) assets so you can do more at a lower cost.
One solution is to:
  cms_icon Increase server availability while reducing downtime
  cms_icon Improve data protection against security threats
  icon_small Reduce the complexity of your workplace server environment
Our server management service transforms your server environment into one that is reliable, agile and business-driven.
Available, Agile and Cost-effective
Tired of focusing on system outages, security breaches and server downtime instead of core business activities? Our solution minimizes performance-related issues by offering
Software Development
Web design & Development
Hosting & Domain Services
IT - Infrastructure Management
Server Management
Live Streaming
SEO Services
high levels of system availability and multiple safeguards to ensure your data and
applications remains safe and your server operations meet your evolving business requirements.
A Simple Solution To A Complex Problem
More isn't better when it comes to the number of dedicated servers in your environment. Numerous under-utilized servers means increased risk, higher maintenance costs, greater inefficiency, and more resources to simply manage the workplace. We turn that around by simplifying the complexity by way of:
  Compresses the time and reduces the resources needed to monitor and manage the environment while lowering the risk of human error and server outages
cms_icon Consolidation
  Maximizes the use of each individual server while reducing the overall number of servers and their attendant maintenance and management costs
cms_icon Virtualization
  Increases flexibility and responsiveness while making it easy to quickly scale capacity up or down to adjust to
changing demands
At Snick we are offering,
cms_icon Server Deployment
Necessary activities to support new server environments or the complete replacement of an existing server environment
Provides the build, test, patching and ongoing support for managed servers deployed in Windows/Linux/VMware
Detects and responds to alerts like CPU Usage, Memory and Disk Utilization generated by monitoring tools
Facilitates, monitors and reports adherence to security and privacy policies and Secures end-point devices against viruses, malware, spyware and intrusions
Installation and Management of virtual Servers in a server environment
Provides centralized support for servers physically located off-site
Need more Info on Server Management? Call us at 91 44 24925554 or Mail us to : contactus@snicktech.com. understand and deliver your Server management needs.